Sustainability and Efficiency Redefined

Construct smarter and sustainably with our digital tech. Discover our impact.

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Customized Solutions, Exceptional Results

Unique projects deserve custom digital solutions. See how we exceed expectations.

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Innovating Construction for the Future

Revolutionizing construction with digital innovation. See how we lead.

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Our approach to action

We work with our customers to help them accelerate innovation effectively and efficiently, to achieve the desired results to design a strategy for your company's needs.

Our approach

We provide in-depth market-related technical expertise to design a viable enterprise strategy


We educate and equip staff and team members on best practices, safety and industry standards to ensure long-term adoption and success

Implementation of

Our experts will work with you to test new applications, try to develop new materials, and develop your strategy to increase your return on investment

Our expertise and areas of work

Water Mitigation

Reduce water damage costs with fast leak and seepage detection

Concrete Monitoring

LumiCon: Real-time concrete monitoring boosts job site quality

Environmental Risk

Remotely control environmental risks to safeguard your project

What customers say about us

Implementing LumiCon into our projects has revolutionized the way we monitor concrete curing and strength. The insights and alerts help us stay proactive, reducing delays and avoiding potential issues before they arise. This level of control and visibility has truly set a new standard in our project management approach.
Cinque Terre
Kamran Shah

Testing Lab Manager

As a Project Manager, timely and accurate information is crucial for the success of any project. LumiCon has been a game-changer for us, providing real-time data and analytics that have significantly improved our decision-making process and overall project efficiency. It’s not just a tool; it’s become an indispensable part of our workflow.
Cinque Terre
Mohmmed Samer

Project Manager

Our team

Expert innovators transforming construction with digital solutions

Moyuad Bandah

Technical Support

Basem Basalah


Ahmad Basalah


Our partners